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Our objectives & values

The following have been identified as the key objectives of ZCT:

•    To have a permanent home for community functions and activities;

•    To have a permanent home to hold regular classes for Zoroastrian
     education of children and adults;

•    To have a permanent venue for the Zoroastrian youth and senior citizens
      to interact and socialize;

•    To have a permanent home for a library/learning centre;

•    To have a place of worship where religious ceremonies can be held  

      without limitations or restrictions;

•    To work together for the long term good of the Zoroastrian community.

The core values of ZCT are as follows:

•    Commitment – To establish a community centre in Auckland, NZ;

•    Unity – Work together with the wider community to achieve its objective;

•    Transparency – Be accountable to the community and Pledge Donors on
      the Trust’s financials. 

As a whole, these values act as cornerstones by providing stability, progress and growth of the Zoroastrian community in New Zealand. In essence, ZCT’s motto: Success through progress.

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