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Our history

In 2006, it was proposed to the Zoroastrian Community of New Zealand that a community centre be established in Auckland. The purpose of this centre would be to provide a place for communal worship, as well as a permanent venue for Zoroastrian functions, get-togethers and community events, in turn advancing and preserving the Zoroastrian culture and faith amongst our families, our youth and all our future generations to come.

Thus, the Zoroastrian Community Trust of New Zealand (ZCT) was formed in 2007 with the single minded vision of overseeing the establishment of such a community centre.

Over the past eleven years, ZCT has collected funds through one-off donations from locals, fundraising efforts and pledge donations. To date ZCT has 55 Pledge Donors, from 200 families in New Zealand.

Globally, Zoroastrians stand as a community wanting to grow and we, here in New Zealand, have a growing population of around 800, which includes an increasing young demographic society with a desperate need for a place to congregate both religiously and for community affairs. By giving us your support you do not just help us grow, you give our youth the opportunity to grow, in turn, enabling us collectively to succeed; and “success is progress”.

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