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Zoroastrians living in New Zealand now number nearly 1000+, which are over 300 families. The major immigration to New Zealand has taken effect post year 2001. Though majority of Zoroastrians in NZ are first generation migrants, the Zoroastrian community in NZ is vibrant, well knitted, socially active and progressive.

Zoroastrians living in Auckland meet and have functions on a regular basis at community centres or school halls, primarily for the children's prayer classes and other religious and social functions. Due to restrictions and bookings by other groups, these meetings and functions have to be held at various locations. Religious ceremonies have to be restricted and community activities have to be limited to comply with the venue regulations.

In 2006 it was proposed that a community centre be established in Auckland. This will provide the Zoroastrian community in Auckland a place for communal worship and a permanent venue for their functions, get-togethers and community events that advance and preserve the Zoroastrian culture.

To achieve these objectives, “Zoroastrian Community Trust of New Zealand (ZCT)” was set up on 23rd March 2007 and was officially registered on 9th November 2007 with the Charities Commission as a Charitable Trust under the Charities Act 2005 (ZCT’s Official Registration number is CC20039).

Purpose of ZCT is to have a permanent place for community functions and activities, to have a permanent place to hold regular classes for Zoroastrian education of children and adults, to have a permanent place... more

By making an online donation (in New Zealand Dollars) of $35, $45 or any amount over $10 you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping ZCT to achieve its objective of developing a Zoroastrian Community Centre in... more

Various fundraising activities were designed to raise funds for ZCT... more

Various Reports will be visible to the viewers which includes the Minutes of Annual General meeting, Financial statement News Letters... more

Working together to establish a Zoroastrian community centre in Auckland    
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